Our Story

Why we started it?

We seldom realize the skills that we have cultivated over the years. Through friends, colleagues, and word of mouth our consulting firm began in an unusual way. We were repeatedly hired to help other consultants and IT staff resolve difficult, and obscure issues; help small to medium-sized businesses navigate complex systems and compliance issues; and review proposals from other consulting firms which were frequently exorbitant or unsuitable. These relationships helped us build a strong, dependable, and honest reputation. We do the job because we love the work.


Doug McCrea

Company Founder

A visible and collaborative technology leader with over 20 years of experience in the higher education, healthcare, and corporate technology spaces. I have created my own narrative and have found success at large-scale strategic planning, integration, architecture, and cyber security efforts using innovative approaches.

I have a combination of enterprise leadership experience along with multi-platform systems and security expertise. What makes me stand out is my diverse experience which includes the highly technical to well-developed soft skills. I build and grow lean, highly motivated, and self-sufficient teams.

I have been involved in IT security since the beginning of my technology career. I have a number of IT security certifications and have been invited as a guest speaker at several SANS Institute (www.sans.org) courses, Educause, and SXSW Interactive. I really enjoy public speaking and interacting with people in large forums. I use these forums to build energy and consensus around projects and causes. I believe IT security is a fundamental need within any organization and have found an excellent balance between security and usability.