I’m excited to share and review a binge worthy podcast called “The AI Podcast by Lex Fridman”. I tend to listen to most episodes in podcast series from the first episode until I get current. I suggest that in this case, although each podcast stands alone can be listened to individually.

The reasons to listen to subscribe to this podcast are many. To begin with, the podcast has excellent background information and is well maintained. Detailed, supportive, and follow-up information are available at Lex’s website https://lexfridman.com/ai/. The podcast is popular and has strong statistics. Between the podcast and YouTube version, its Listens/Views as of this posting are: 35,417,009. Lex’s guest list is spectacular.

I’ve currently listened to 15 episodes I’m hooked. This highly intellectual podcast interviews the who’s who of the artificial intelligence (AI) world. It is amazingly detailed, thought provoking and rapidly shifts gears between ethics, philosophy, consciousness, game theory, robotics, early childhood learning, and AI policy. It is both 1000 miles wide, and very deep.

If you’d ever wanted to understand AI technology outside of the hype, advertising, and blockbuster horror movie worlds, this is worthwhile. Whether you’re a technologist, or just curious, it’s worth a listen.

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