Client background before our technology improvements

Property Management is a specialty with a lot of responsibility. They carefully manage residential, commercial, and industrial real estate often in many locations. One New Jersey property management firm in particular was in a bind. They have a strong and successful reputation, and have been expanding at a rapid pace. Once a startup of a few individuals, they had now outgrown their original technology setup of basic desktop support, aging anti-virus, and daily backups. Their infrastructure was outdated and cumbersome. Frustratingly, their previous tech support had become disengaged, yet still maintained control over their vital DNS records. This not only held up a migration to their new website, but also made communication and scheduling with clients much more complicated than it needed to be. Like many businesses out there, they needed a technology refresh.

Our Work

  • Replacement of their subscription-based antivirus solution with an equivalent free version available from their ISP.
  • Setting up a remote support solution.
  • Performing upgrades of all operating systems and software during off-hours and revamping their setup to a regular backup process.
  • Seizing the DNS records, giving the owner control for the future, and pointing to their new beautiful, modernized and completely functional website.
  • Migrating and training the entire company to Office365:
    • Migrating email
    • Updating licenses
    • Unifying calendars
    • Combining offline storage to OneDrive instances
    • Installing an MS Teams instance allowing both secure chat and remote video meetings
  • Building a trusting relationship with the Property Management company and owner, which is something they didn’t feel they had before with other tech support.

Why was the refresh important?

All of these changes were mission critical for the company’s ability to respond efficiently and effectively to client and prospect needs. As a result, they were no longer stuck with old, manual processes and technology, and frustrated staff. The outcome is that they became a company that is technologically engaged, organized, modernized, scalable, and fully functioning supporting a remote workforce as needed (pre-Covid epidemic).

In conclusion, our technology refresh for this company clearly empowered their team when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. As with all of our customers, we can also support them remotely for nearly all of the required work. They were able to quickly disperse as a responsive workforce. Because of this, our efforts save the company money, time, and headaches on a number of fronts by having them properly prepared.


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