Technology leadership and management

Modern technology is more about people than the actual tech. We offer CIO/Director-level insight and strategic partnership to help you assess, restructure, and resource effectively.

The Specifics

Technology has reached a point of commodification. What this means for most businesses is that there is a tremendous amount of choice and flavors of solution to any given problem. The true challenge is to effectively navigate the long-term implications of those decisions on the business. 

Our “superpower” is our blend of technical and leadership experience across a wide swath of technology and lines of business. We understand and help translate the impact, the value, and the not so obvious side-effects of implementing different technologies. That ability doesn’t come from years as consultants, it comes from years of direct leadership in complex hierarchical environments and witnessing the direct results on an organization of years of time. 

  • Business advisory services
  • Digital strategy
  • Change management
  • Composable infrastructure
  • Restructuring
  • Speaking engagements
  • Crisis management
  • Rapid scale up
  • Rapid cost-cutting
  • Vendor evaluation
  • Deep dive brainstorming sessions

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